Premsas Cella Vinaria/ structural project and production


The Cella Vinaria research programme includes excavating the Vallmora Roman winery, placing it in its historical context and carrying out an interpretative study of the buildings and production facilities, in order to restore them. From the outset it has been considered as an applied research project developed in accordance with the latest tendencies in experimental archaeology. The upper press room is the productive area chosen or the reconstruction of the tiled roof and the two presses with two different operating systems (screw and winch) documented in it. The research includes a specific study for rebuilding the wooden pieces, components and mechanisms and the buildings associated with them. A good example of this is the interpretative hypothesis of the square pits that have six stones laid in two rows at the bottom, which would have served to stabilize a wooden structure inside. The square pits founded at other sites in the same territory allow us to propose and interpretative hypothesis for a new system of securing the stipites and the winch (sucula).

Structural project and production

Cella Vinaria, Teià

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Structural project
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